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Get Top Quality & Affordable Anti-Slip Solutions in Newcastle for Your Residential or Commercial Building

Every year people slip and fall while they walk through and around buildings, according to workplace safety Newcastle statistics. Most of these incidents are often caused by the carelessness of the people who fall however some of them also occur due to slippery surfaces in the building. People suffer from injuries and this leads to unnecessary lawsuits filed in court for compensation.

If you are an owner of a domestic or commercial building in Newcastle, taking proper anti-slip measures by installing slip and injury prevention products at accident prone locations is a prudent idea. You will prevent the occupants of the building from slips, trips and falls. It will save you from prolonged legal proceedings and people traveling in the building will also feel safe. Let us look at some of the accident prone locations of your building that needs anti-slip coatings to curb unwanted slipping and falling.

Workplace Safety Newcastle Tips

Building Entries - There are permanent anti-slip solutions available for building entries. This is mostly in the form of Anti-Slip treatments, Anti-Slip Coatings and Anti-Slip Sealers  

Stairs - Another place that is susceptible to slips and falls are staircases. People tend to trip over the edge of staircases and accidentally land up injured. The injuries can be serious if the fall takes place from a high step of the staircase. Building owners should install anti-slip nosing to the edge of staircases to prevent these slips and falls. Furthermore, if the need of an emergency evacuation arises, the number of people slipping and falling will be less.  

Ladders - Many people trip and fall off ladders if there is an absence of a non-slip coating on their runs. Most accidents take place when the person is at least three feet above the ground. Most industrial facilities have ladders to access catwalks or are attached to roof areas or heavy duty equipment. Accidents here prove fatal.

Ramps and Walkways - It is very important to install anti-slip material on ramps, walkways and high traffic areas where there is potential for slip and falls .Most people are susceptible to injury and accidents here. Most of them can be extremely fatal as well. Often people cannot use handrails on ramps and fail to maintain their balance. If there is no anti-slip coating in place, the chances of severe injuries are very high leading to downtime, massive compensation claims and inconvenience to your Company.

Therefore, it is important for you to pay heed to the above and prevent unnecessary slips and falls in your home and your workplace. Surface Safe is your reliable anti-slip prevention solution Specialists in the Newcastle area, Surface Safe provide quality and affordable safety solutions for your building that exceed all relevant Australian Standards. Contacting them will help you show people who use your building that you care for their safety and well-being.

Call now on 0404 095 734 and get a FREE workplace evaluation. To know more about various anti-slip products, please visit Surface Safe website today.

May 25, 2016

You will strive hard to make the floors of your office and home look stunning, but often neglect to make your floors safe.

May 25, 2016
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Flooring has undergone a rapid progress over the years. New concepts and technologies have entered in the market.

May 25, 2016
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Workplace slips, trips and falls happen in most industries globally including office, construction and warehousing.

May 24, 2016
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