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Over the years Surface Safe have not only seen the need for safe floor and stair solutions. In this time we have also seen the need for aesthetically pleasing solutions. This is why we also pride our reputation on providing Architectural finishes that are cutting edge in the industry. Surface Safe have extensive knowledge of many flooring systems that we know you will very happy with.

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Surface Safe is a specialist in the supply and installation of the most diverse range of slip and fall injury prevention products that meets all relevant Australian Standards.

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Stair Nosings

We offer solutions for all substrates weather it be internal or external and for all environments.

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Surface Safe offer a wide range of architectural tactiles for the vision impaired designed to be fitted to all substrates and used internally and externally.

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Polished Concrete

Why not bring out the natural beauty of your existing concrete floor or if you have the opportunity to pour new concrete you can customize a beautiful seamless floor. Concrete is a natural product that has fantastic thermal mass properties that has the ability to be used for heating and cooling of a building when designed correctly.

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Surface Preparation & Concrete Grinding

Surface Preparation and Concrete Grinding work can be very labour intensive and also very time consuming. Surface Safe can take care of all aspects of this type of work quickly and efficiently.

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Cementitious Overlays

Cementitious overlays are a great way to resurface old, worn or cracked concrete making it look aesthetically pleasing and new again.

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We have solutions for surfaces including ceramic, natural stone, timber, concrete, metals, vinyl, fibreglass, granite, porcelain, marble and terrazzo.

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Metallic Flooring

Surface Safe is very excited about our range of one of a kind Metallic Illusion coating systems.

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