Surface Safe is a specialist in the supply and installation of the most diverse range of slip and fall injury prevention products that meets all relevant Australian Standards.

We are able to deliver specific and individualised solutions that meet any budget, with supply and installation provided quickly and efficiently.

Some Key Benefits of our Anti-Slip Products;

  • Significant organisational cost savings
  • Reduction in workplace compensation claims
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Mitigation of legal and reputation damage
  • Our coatings are available in a large range of colours and clears
  • Various anti-slip media can be used in products to suit requirements

We Offer;

  • Anti-slip treatments
  • Anti-slip coatings
  • Anti-slip tapes
  • Anti-slip foams
  • Anti-Slip grates and mesh
  • Protective coatings

Surface Safe provide an environmentally friendly range of anti slip flooring products that increase the co-efficient of friction on all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces including ceramic, natural stone, timber, concrete, metals, vinyl, fibreglass, granite, porcelain, marble and terrazzo.

Surface Safe provides assessment and consultation of environments to ensure that the  safety of your employees, suppliers, customers, family and friends is sound. Our products and services reduce environmental risks and we are the leaders in slip and fail prevention to provide OHS compliance.

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