Polished Concrete

Why not bring out the natural beauty of your existing concrete floor or if you have the opportunity to pour new concrete you can customize a beautiful seamless floor. Concrete is a natural product that has fantastic thermal mass properties that has the ability to be used for heating and cooling of a building when designed correctly.

With new concrete you have the option to select various sizes and colours of your aggregates in the mix. You can also select the oxide colour to complement the aggregate chosen. Then when it comes to pouring the slab other products can be seeded into the slab to give a totally different look and feel, like recycled glass or glow in the dark stones.

Some Benefits of Polished Concrete are:

Seamless - No grout joints like tiles or joints like timber.

Low Maintenance - Easy to clean using a dry dust mop or PH neutral floor cleaner with a wet mop.

Hypoallergenic - Great for people with allergies as it will not harbor dust mites or mould.

Dust Free - As the floor is polished and sealed the concrete will not dust like an unsealed surface.

Extremely Hard Wearing - When compared to other flooring solutions polished concrete sets the bar very high.

Very Aesthetically Pleasing - Using the natural beauty of concrete can completely change the look and feel of a building.

Energy Saving - As the floor will reflect natural light it reduces the need for artifcal light. Can also be used for heating and cooling.


The Surface Safe process

First we will discuss with our clients what look they wish to achieve and what they are expecting out of their floor.

For example. 

Exposure level - This is the amount of stone or aggregate you will see in your floor. From no exposure through to full exposure.

Gloss Level - This is the amount of gloss or shine on your floor. From a Matte finish through to High Gloss.

What room is the polished concrete going in to and what it will be used for - This will determine whether we will advise on a traditional Mechanically Polished Concrete floor or a refined and topical sealed floor. Also whether we need to incorporate any Anti-Slip media into the surface.

We are able to provide many flooring options and will discuss in depth the pros and cons with you for each individual job.

We will then start the process with the required stages of metal bond diamond grinding. We will then grout the floor filling crakes and pin holes. The floor then will be chemically hardened. We will then commence the resin polishing to the desired gloss level. Once this is achieved we will seal the floor to offer stain protection and finally buff the floor.

The end result is leaving you with a beautiful floor.