Surface Safe are specialists in the supply and install of a wide range of tactiles.

Surface Safe offer a wide range of architectural tactiles for the vision impaired designed to be fitted to all substrates and used internally and externally.

Surface Safe tactiles are compliant to the relevant standards covering Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (AS1428.4.1.2009). Design for Access and Mobility.

Stainless Steel - Available in solid 316 Marine grade stainless steel with the option of various carborundum inserts. Available in single indicator and directional. All tactiles are drilled and pressure fit for maximum longevity.

Polyurethane - Engineered polyurethane UV resistant tactiles available in yellow,black,silver,charcoal,terracotta,blue,beige,grey, white and blue. Available in single indicator and directional. All tactiles are drilled and pressure fit for maximum longevity.

Polyurethane tactile Pads - Engineered polyurethane UV resistant 300x300 Tactile Mats. Available in Yellow, Black, Charcoal,Terracotta,Beige. Grey and White. Available in hazardous and directional.

Tile - Ceramic tactile paver. Available in hazardous and directional in Charcoal, White, Yellow and Grey. 300mmx300mmx12mm